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General Statement
The physical and psychological trauma of persons who have been sexually abused is of a magnitude which gravity can only be fully understood by the victims- not just here in Africa but all over the world.

Ordeals of rape, sodomy, and sexual exploitation in return- all in return for favors, and that define child abuse are all experiences that not only negate the dignity but also affect the autonomy of the individual.  Their lives are never the same again. Shame on their faces, silence in their hearts and stolen innocence are a journey they walk without aid. As a coping mechanism, some resort to self-destructive practices such as abuse of drugs, alcohol and other addictive substances such as pornography, juvenile prostitution and associating with a carefree life on the streets, child labor while others end up taking their lives through committing suicide.  The aftermath of the effects of these behaviors trickle down to a broken society whose most vulnerable population are women and children, constantly being subjected to societal harm. We, as a mission, endeavor to bridge the gap by provision of treatment, care and love and, also, by psychosocial rehabilitation to the affected persons and society at large to give them light and hope and love.

If I can’t be the sun, I will be the moon

If I can’t be the moon, I will be a lamp

If I can’t be a lamp then I will be a candle

For it’s not the amount of light from me that matters but who my little light impacts upon as long as I let it keep shining.

Our Mission:

Since 2013, we have been registered as a charitable Christian foundation in Africa:  ministering to the sexually abused, homeless and the traumatised. We touch the wounded and unloved hearts and have been endeavoring to provide the services listed below.
We provide a recovery and healing center for children and women victims of sexual abuse, domestic and gender-based violence, as well as a remedial and treatment center for drug addicts.  We strive to share love, hope and comfort free of charge encompassed in the word of God.
Rescuing of abused children and vulnerable persons and appealing for support to put them through schools , rehabilitation in cases where they have indulged in substance abuse.
We bring the word of God and show love in the villages to persons by holding door to door ministry visits, tented meetings, discipleship bible classes and giving of free bibles to the students.
We offer free medical consultations, counselling and behavioural therapy treatment by a professional team of doctors, psychosocial therapists and clinical psychologists.
We facilitate stay and welfare of volunteers ( both local and international)  and staff members who may want to give themselves out in taking care of the families we minister to, doing school support visits to children that we have rescued and put into different institutions ; and helping in establishing support groups , prayer groups or fundraising groups.
We promote  physical , mental health and other well-being to prevent self resentment and suicidal ideations by running free medical camps in the villages and semi-urban informal settlements ( slums) in Kenya ( Africa) and running a suicide helpline.

We promote behavioural change, formation of recovery support groups such as the Alcoholics Anonymous and provision of skills and education to promote tap talent and potential among the children engraved on the love of God.

The mission endeavours to establish a God’s village of love in different places starting with Nyeri in Kenya; this will offer habitation, feeding , love and serve as a rescue and treatment centre for women and children and other persons who are in need as the Lord leads while we point them to the bread of life.
This centre will also offer solace for persons who are chained by drugs and substance abuse for whom we desire to partner with as prayer warriors and ministries with a common vision around the world.
We rely mostly on volunteers when we are doing our various outreaches and daily programs and we would like to provide accommodation for visitors as well who come to help from time to time, within the facility by building a tented camp.
To that effect, a Christian family in Nyeri has offered their property:  a 12 hectare piece of land whose endeavour is to fundraise for us in order for us to be able to acquire it.

We run different programs on whose continuity we count solely on giving-in-kind from individuals- Christians from around the world and we endeavour to engage in other fundraising activities in the coming future.
A huge chunk of the gifts received goes to:
Purchase and distribution of bibles
Running our rescue program and sponsoring children through schools and other institutions and catering for their personal effects
Organising medical outreaches and facilitating the medics, volunteer staff and spiritual counsellors and other helpers who are involved.
Feeding program
Catering for transport as the mission covers a needy population

The piece of property that has been availed by the the mission by a Christian family costs half the price of what we could get in the market and for that we are so glad, its located 20 Kms from Nyeri town; halfway between Nyeri and Nanuki where we also go to minister and it’s at a very serene environment at a price of $60,000 USD’S to be paid in two instalments.

Joining our prayer network group
Organizing youth camps as a way of reaching out to the young ,
Giving yourself to our volunteer program ( we don’t put skills as requirement, all you need is to bring your heart and love)
Giving in kind towards the purchase of the land upon which God’s village of love shall be built.
Offering to provide help and expertise during our regular medical camps
Planning stay visits where one can spend time evangelising or being part of any program they may deem for them
Help in purchase of sanitary pads for girls
Help in purchase of drugs and other clinical diagnostic kits        (Glucometers, blood sugar testing strips, cotton wool balls, nicotine strips,
Bibles for giving
Transport costs ( we rely on public means to reach out )
•   Giving in kind towards our school sponsorship program for our rescued kids who need fee, transport and personal effects catered for.

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E;mail- baptismoflovemissionsforafrica@ gmail.com
Cell: +254 737 921 990
Facebook page is: baptism of love missions for Africa

If you feel that you would like to pray with us, volunteer, give or as the Lord leads you are so very welcome to support us here:
Every, even the smallest amount you are able to give, is needed.

Thank you for your support.